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Anything But Coffee
Hello Seattle!
Chiiiiillll. Photo cred @samplecoffee ☺️#rarelyinfrontofthelens
Great to have a sethwoodtattoo original.
…and done. @sethwoodtattoo  (at Temple Tattoo) cc. @alt-heidi :-)
Halfway. @sethwoodtattoo  (at Temple Tattoo)
Oh hey there, nice to meet you, we have the rest of our lives to get to know each other. @sethwoodtattoo  (at Temple Tattoo)
Our whip for the day. #bogan #americanmuscle
So chiiiiiil. #santacruz (at Santa Cruz Wharf)
After copious amounts of coffee and rich food today a Negroni and Olives should do for dinner.   (at The Clock Bar)
Thanks for the pro tips Megan!